Ensuring political commitment to localize SDGs in Sindh

UN global agenda for sustainable development endeavors to ‘leave no one behind’, and adheres to the notion that everyone has a role to play in achieving vision for a better tomorrow.With a key role to bring forth policies and strategies that can shape the development agenda, politicians and parliamentarians are well-positioned to bring the transformational change required to localize SDGs. Political commitment and engagement is, thereby, very crucial for inducing effective strategic forethought around localization and achievement of SDGs in Sindh.

SDGs Support Unit Sindh is actively working with local politicians and members of the parliament to advocate greater emphasis on SDGs in policies. For more structured efforts to promote dialogue and discussion around SDGs in the parliament, devoted Parliamentary Task Force has been established in the Provincial Assembly, to ensure active involvement of elected politicians and members of the Provincial Assembly. Constituted by the honorable Speaker, Provincial Assembly Sindh on 22nd July 2016, the Parliamentary Task Force has 11 members. The Parliamentary Task Force will overall ensure political commitment in SDGs implementation, and provide strategic guidance on the plans to mainstream and localize SDGs in Sindh for socio-economic development and ensure resource allocation to respective plans. Mr. Pir Mujeeb-ul-Haq is playing a key role as the convener of the Parliamentary Task Force on SDGs, and has committed to be a vital strategic link with the SDGs Support Unit. A number of meetings have been held so far. There are further plans to sensitize majority of the parliamentarians in the Provincial Assembly Sindh and generate greater awareness around Agenda 2030, which can help promote and strengthen political commitment and strategic thinking towards sustainable development in Sindh.

The SDGs Support Unit has also garnered interest and support of Minister for Planning & Development, Mr. Saeed Ghani for future resource allocations to support mainstreaming and attainment of priority SDGs in Sindh, in a meeting held on 8th March 2018.