Comprising the cabinet, members of the provincial assembly, and local politicians, who are elected by the general public, this stakeholder group has the key role to play in terms of improving the legislations and advocating for policies to address priority issues. Belonging to different districts with regular engagement thereof, they are well aware of the issues at the ground level and have the voice to lead change. Politicians have been actively involved in a Parliamentary Task Force on SDGs.

Parliamentary Task Force was constituted by the Provincial Assembly of Sindh under the convenership of Pir Mujeeb-ul-Haq, MPA and 09 other MPAs. It was notified on 22 July 2016 to support policy-making and provide strategic advise on SDGS localization in Sindh. So far 3 meetings have been held, 02 of which SDGs Support Unit has been a part of. Thus far, the key discussions have involved concern towards the wide scope of TORs and lack of devoted office space for the Task Force. In the meeting held on 23rd October 2017, TORs were proposed by SDGS Support Unit.