The academic institutions at the primary, secondary, and tertiary level have a key role to play in terms of conducting research on issues, producing and disseminating knowledge and harnessing mindsets of change makers, policy-makers, civil society, and youth leading innovation and development in the province, supported with informed approaches/models and guidelines. At present, SDGs Support Unit has engaged academia in the following platforms.

Private sector has been made of the Core Group of SDGs which is overseeing the development of SDGs framework for Sindh with review of final list of indicators, baseline target and priorities. It also comprises representatives from the Government of Sindh, from key departments, alongside representatives from civil society, and academia.

SDGs Support Unit is inviting Private Sector organizations to take the SDG Pledge, and commit to mainstreaming SDGs in their business value chains and align business activities as well as CSR initiatives with sustainable development goals, and targets, that are relevant to their scope of business.

SDGs Support Unit actively engages with private sector organizations in panel discussions, and consultations that has implications for the private sector.

SDGs Support Unit is keen on developing public-private partnerships. Whereby, private sector can initiate collaboration with the government, as well as link their CSR funds with government-led development initiatives for grass-root level impact.

Check out our recent partnership initiative with Thar Foundation (LINK to INSIGHT article)

SDGs Support Unit is forming a private sector advisory group on SDGs to bring together private sector companies in a platform that can facilitate dialogue with the government and civil society, and pave way for nuanced partnerships, and innovative synergies that can aid in addressing complex development issues in Sindh.