Media is an important stakeholder group that holds the power of generating influence amongst the masses through multiple avenues/channels, such as television, radio, and internet. It is a means of transmitting the message of SDGs to different stakeholder groups and form their opinions and attitudes towards Agenda 2030.

SDGs Support Unit is seeking engagement with celebrities to become ambassadors for SDGs in Sindh and become part of raising awareness on SDGs

SDGs Support Unit is inviting journalists, reporters, and bloggers to be more actively involved in generating content and raising awareness on issues pertinent to Sindh in its efforts to localize Agenda 2030.

TV and radio channels are being explored for generating mass level awareness on SDGs.

SDGs Support Unit actively engages with media outlets in generating public awareness on high-level panel discussions, and events with different stakeholders.

The SDGs Knowledge Platform is an online avenue for dissemination of key information on SDGs that is vital for media outlets for their understanding and awareness. The website has key resources, information, and updates on activities taking place that keeps the media abreast about developments in our journey to localize SDGs in Sindh.